March 5, 2015   

Anomie is the condition of a society in which there are no clear rules, norms or standards of value.

In modern western society we seem to triumph diversity and inclusiveness over all else. I think this is misguided and wrong.

We need to draw a line here between demographic and moral diversity, demographic diversity (skin colour, age, sex, sexual orientation, etc.) is surely a good thing for the majority of the population; unfortunately we are not making this distinction - our society, or at least the political left, promotes the idea that everything should be diverse and inclusive.

Once you make this distinction you see that nobody can coherently even want moral diversity - if you are for the issue of gay marriage, would you prefer there to be a great variety of opinions and no dominant one?

A happy society depends on people seeing the world the same way, and for people to see the world the same way they must share a morality. What this means in a practical sense is that allowing society to have pockets of various cultures, be them ethnographic, ideological or religious, goes against the ideal of fostering a sense of oneness in that society. A common morality and culture must be agreed upon and fostered by all, or it becomes easy to divide a group of people into hostile factions based on small differences.

Basically what I’m euphemising is that Islam, Christianity, (modern) Feminism and their siblings all have to go.