I have impacted the lives of 87k+ developers

I was looking at my StackOverflow profile the other day and saw something that made me stop and think for a second: I am by no means a high reputation user, or someone who participates in SO very often but wow, that number is absolutely mind bending to me. What I understand this to mean is that eighty seven thousand developers have read the words »

8 days ago


Anomie is the condition of a society in which there are no clear rules, norms or standards of value. In modern western society we seem to triumph diversity and inclusiveness over all else. I think this is misguided and wrong. We need to draw a line here between demographic and moral diversity, demographic diversity (skin colour, age, sex, sexual orientation, etc.) is surely a good »

4 months ago

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city with an attitude to match. This is my third time in Chiang Mai, Thailand; it's taken me a combined 6 months or so of time spent here to actually pen a post about it. I haven't quite had the words. Chiang Mai is the second biggest city in Thailand and completely different to Bangkok, it's chilled out, green, hipster »

5 months ago

Belgium (part 2)

My first impressions of Belgium were of Gent, a small student city to the west of Brussels, since then I've been staying in Brussels with my friend Anna and her cat Hera; this has widened my perspective of Belgium and the people who live here in the best possible way. The first thing I realised when I explored this city for the day was that »

a year ago


Belgium is unreal. I've been in Gent for two days now and I love it here. Belgium is the first country I've ever visited that completely just 'gets it'. They don't have tons of health and safety bullshit, but nobody is stupid - they seem to favour individual liberty and trust people to not be stupid. The people are friendly and welcoming, their country appears »

a year ago

Feeling understood

For me, communicating and feeling understood is one of the most pleasurable and rewarding things I can do with my time. It's unfortunate that I've met only a handful of people in my life that I can feel this way when talking with. This is the criteria I tend to use when judging the closeness of my friends and the intimacy of a relationship. Something »

2 years ago

How long till Apple makes a touch screen iMac?

I had a strange dream last night (seriously, you know you have issues when your dream is set in an Apple store). So I was in the Apple store trying to explain the iMac to my mum - I picked up an iPad and explained to her that the iMac is essentially just a big iPad. I proceeded to swipe and tap the iMac’s »

2 years ago

Don't be a hater

100% of haters are unrealized potential ... (for example) Michael Jordan's not a hater, when you get to that level you don't have time to hate. This is a really important point that Joe Rogan and Byran Callen make, if you're doing something awesome and you're good at it you have no time or desire to point out and pick on the shortcomings of other people »

2 years ago

My understanding of App.Net (and why it's bad for developers)

Let me start off by saying that I am a big supporter of the idea behind App.Net and I have a lot of respect for Dalton and the guys behind it - it's great. An article I read this morning did get me thinking though. I agree that the idea of having an underlying architecture that multiple social products are built upon is awesome, »

2 years ago

Github for government

I'm a big fan of both Git and Github (both as a product and as a company - it's made by a bunch of seriously cool people) and I think that a thing like Github is (with a few pretty minor tweaks) what we need to bring our 19th century governments into the 21st century. Our popular democratic government systems are fundamentally broken by design »

2 years ago