Belgium (part 2)

July 18, 2014   

My first impressions of Belgium were of Gent, a small student city to the west of Brussels, since then I've been staying in Brussels with my friend Anna and her cat Hera; this has widened my perspective of Belgium and the people who live here in the best possible way.

Hera the cat

The first thing I realised when I explored this city for the day was that Brussels is exactly as it seems. What I mean is that people and places are not coloured in a certain light, they are not fake and they are exactly as they are. The junkies who shoot up heroin do so in the park and aren't ashamed of their nature, the young (and old) who dance to 50's tunes at Mémé Moustache are drunk on delicious 10% beer and don't worry about the fact, there is no conformist culture of fashion in the way I've seen it before. Individuality is accepted and encouraged.

Brussels is safe but not cushy, clean but not tidy and beautiful but not pretty. The more I see the more I love of this wonderful country.