How long till Apple makes a touchscreen iMac?

December 8, 2012   

I had a strange dream last night (seriously, you know you have issues when your dream is set in an Apple store). So I was in the Apple store trying to explain the iMac to my mum - I picked up an iPad and explained to her that the iMac is essentially just a big iPad. I proceeded to swipe and tap the iMac’s 27” screen just like I would the iPad. It worked beautifully - this makes me remember how before the iPad there were plethoras of ‘tablet PCs’ which never really took off; Apple came along, did it right and a few short years later iPads are eating the consumer PC market.

I wonder if they can do the same with touchscreen PCs… (HP Touchsmart, anyone?).

Just food for thought, but with OS X becoming more and more ‘iOS-y’ and the rise of Windows 8 touchscreen laptops (a la Lenovo Yoga 13) this would make a whole lot of sense, wouldn’t it?

Let me know what you think.