I have impacted the lives of 87k developers

June 28, 2015   

I was looking at my StackOverflow profile the other day and saw something that made me stop and think for a second:

StackOverflow profile

I am by no means a high reputation user, or someone who participates in SO very often but wow, that number is absolutely mind bending to me.

What I understand this to mean is that eighty seven thousand developers have read the words I wrote after probably googling something related to a problem they've had. I don't think I've spoken to even one percent of that number of people face to face over the course of my entire life so far. It's nuts.

The funniest part is that most of the views my Qs and As have received are from questions about .NET from my first semester of university or my first week of learning Go. I guess we all get stuck on similar issues when we're starting out, before we go down our respective tech stack specialisation rabbit holes...

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